Friday Nov 22, 2019
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Tunnel Projects

Reducing part of Kerman's drinking water dependence on groundwater resources; Providing part of the demand for drinking water in Kerman from safe water resources; Transfer of excess water to drinking, industrial and agricultural needs; Improving the economic and social conditions in the region. [ More... ]
Controlling and regulating outflow of the Gelas River basin from Iran Integrated Water Resources Development at Gelas basin Transfer of excess water of agricultural, drinking and industrial needs in the Gelas basin to Lake Urmia Controlling and compensating for part of water withdrawals from Lake Urmia Improving the economic, political and social conditions in the region [ More... ]
The purpose of the project is supply, treatment and transfer of drinking and industrial water to Behshahr and Neka. In this project, the raw water is transferred from Gelevard Dam near Tazeh Abad Village in the south of Behshahr city to treatment facilities. After treatment, water is transferred to cities and villages through the water pipeline. [ More... ]
Increasing the lifetime of facilities, ease of development and capacity increase, ease of maintenance and operation, increasing protection and safety, organizing facilities, reducing drilling volume, passive defense, improvement of environmental impacts, preventing waste of drinking water, optimal management in crisis situations [ More... ]
Project Name: Design of a joint system for the water transmission lines of agricultural and drinking from Karun 3 Dam to Izeh city and construction of a treatment plant as EPCF method Specifications: Supply of drinking water to Izeh and surrounding villages Supply of agricultural water for Izeh and Bagh-Makel plains Optimal management in crisis situations [ More... ]