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History and Introduction


خانواده زیستاب - قدیم

This consulting engineers company was established by former Eco-Zist managers in 1983. Following the circular issued by the Planning and Budget Organization of Iran to use Persian names, it was established with the new title “Zistab Consulting Engineers Company”. With nearly 40 years of continuous experience in water and wastewater industry, Zistab Consulting Engineers, as one the most influential companies in the field of water engineering, provides high quality engineering services to clients.The goal of the company and its human resources is to play a long-lasting role in water industry for sustainable development of Iran.

The company has been able to design, manage and implement more than 200,000 hectares of irrigation and drainage networks, 20 reservoir dams, about 1400 km of transmission lines, more than 130 km tunnel and more than 1.5 billion cubic meters of regulated water per year. Considering its national and international experience in conducting research, supervision, operation and management of dam construction, irrigation and drainage, water and wastewater structures and facilities and dam and network design projects, the company is ready to provide technical management and engineering services in all specialized fields.