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Utilization of some part of Iran’s water rights from the reservoir of Aras Dam and development of lands on the southern margin of Aras through excess water pumped inside the reservoir of Karamabad Dam and provision of agricultural water for 10260 hectares of downstream land. [ More... ]
Reducing part of Kerman's drinking water dependence on groundwater resources; Providing part of the demand for drinking water in Kerman from safe water resources; Transfer of excess water to drinking, industrial and agricultural needs; Improving the economic and social conditions in the region. [ More... ]
Supply of drinking water and industrial needs of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari towns and villages. [ More... ]
Conversion of dry and wet areas into arable land using modern pressurized irrigation systems. [ More... ]
Project Name: Management of the project for development of irrigation and drainage sub-networks in the Karun, Dez and Karkheh basins covering 550,000 hectares of lands in Khuzestan and Ilam provinces Specifications: Creating jobs and short and long term economic prosperity in the in deprived areas; Geodesy of agricultural lands; Increased GDP and reduced imports and subsequent export of products; Proper management of water and underground resources; Planning, controlling and managing agricultural products; Prosperity of affiliated industries; Creation of a population nucleus in the region; Combating desertification and soil stabilization and so on. [ More... ]
Regulation of Zola River water for irrigation of some part of Salmas plain and Qarabagh (85.3 million cubic meters) and supplying drinking water to Salmas and Tazehshahr up to 12 million cubic meters and power generation up to 1.2 MW. [ More... ]
Identification and investigation of damages to the dams and the related facilities, presenting some strategies to provide appropriate treatment projects and instructions to improve the operation of dams, and preparing a database in the GIS environment for all dams in the subject of contract [ More... ]
Considering the presence of Karun 3 and Karun 4 dams upstream of Shahid Abbaspour Dam and the positive effect of these dams on flood control and improved regulation of inflow to Shahid Abbaspour Dam and enough time for preventive measures on reducing the reservoir level, it is not necessary to reach a free height of 9.5 m. Therefore, an increase in the level of operation of Shahid Abbaspour Dam was taken into consideration by the client to change regulating volume and hydroelectric power generation [ More... ]
Conceptual, basic and detailed design studies on collection and managements of runoffs and improvement of minor drainage system, as well as repair projects for main channels and ultimately preparation of the GIS database [ More... ]
Controlling and regulating outflow of the Gelas River basin from Iran Integrated Water Resources Development at Gelas basin Transfer of excess water of agricultural, drinking and industrial needs in the Gelas basin to Lake Urmia Controlling and compensating for part of water withdrawals from Lake Urmia Improving the economic, political and social conditions in the region [ More... ]
The purpose of the project is supply, treatment and transfer of drinking and industrial water to Behshahr and Neka. In this project, the raw water is transferred from Gelevard Dam near Tazeh Abad Village in the south of Behshahr city to treatment facilities. After treatment, water is transferred to cities and villages through the water pipeline. [ More... ]
Increasing the lifetime of facilities, ease of development and capacity increase, ease of maintenance and operation, increasing protection and safety, organizing facilities, reducing drilling volume, passive defense, improvement of environmental impacts, preventing waste of drinking water, optimal management in crisis situations [ More... ]
Project Name: Design of a joint system for the water transmission lines of agricultural and drinking from Karun 3 Dam to Izeh city and construction of a treatment plant as EPCF method Specifications: Supply of drinking water to Izeh and surrounding villages Supply of agricultural water for Izeh and Bagh-Makel plains Optimal management in crisis situations [ More... ]
Supply and transfer of agriculture water from Aras dam to the lands downstream of Karamabad Dam with an approximate area of 22,000 hectares Intake, pumping and transmission capacity in the main path: 5.5 cubic meters per second Specifications of pumping stations in the main route: Three pumping stations with an elevation of 25, 130 and 130 m, respectively Specifications of the main transmission line: 21 km long steel pipe with a diameter of 2000 mm diameter and an operating pressure of 16 bar [ More... ]
Project Name: Revision of the water distribution network and related facilities in Region 1 Water and Wastewater Authority of Tehran Specifications: Modeling the current status of water supply to the region, determining and troubleshooting existing network weaknesses, survey of population growth and urban development, designing a suitable water distribution network for the end of the project period, DMA studies in the scope of the plan [ More... ]
Supply of drinking water for Toyserkan Delivery capacity: 7 million cubic meters per year Design capacity of water treatment plant: 320 liters per second (in two modules) [ More... ]
Supply of water needed for agricultural land in Salehabad Plain [ More... ]
Supply of agricultural water for land improvement and development [ More... ]
Supply of agricultural water for improvement of lands at downstream [ More... ]
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