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Water and Wastewater and Urban Facilities Department

Department of Water and wastewater and urban facilities is ranked 1 and consists of specialized research and supervisory departments, water supply, water transfer lines and pumping stations, water distribution networks, wastewater collection and disposal networks and water and wastewater treatment plants.
This department is responsible for feasibility studies, recognition, first and second stage studies and supervision of many urban construction projects and consists of specialized sub-sections, namely, transmission lines studies, pumping stations, processes, mechanics, architecture, structures, electrical and instruments.
Drinking water transfer lines and water pumping stations from ZayandehRud to Bon and Borujen, water pipelines and pumping stations from Aras to Lake Urmia, main pipeline and pumping stations of Karamabad Project, Tar Water transfer plan, Glord water transfer plan, water transfer from east of Iran, Aidoghmoush water transfer and Miyaneh industries, pumping stations of Aidoghmoush, Shiblou, Yaroghli and Qanbarkandi projects, Zidon pumping station and water pipelines, water pipelines and pumping stations of Baneh, Zabol pumping stations, revision of water distribution network in Region 1 of Tehran And projects for water distribution network of Shahr-e-Ray and Gorgan, Aq Qala and Gomishan are among the studies conducted in this department.
The supervision department performs all superior and workshop supervision services, construction and operation of urban facilities projects. Supervision on implementation of the main water transfer line from Zayandehrud to Bon-Borujen and four drinking water pumping and treatment stations, pumping stations of the southern margins of Aras, water pipeline and eight pumping stations in Karamabad, pumping stations of Gholi Beiglou, Zabol and Zidon, Toyserkan drinking water treatment plant and Parsabad Abad wastewater treatment network are among the executive projects in this department.
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