Friday Nov 22, 2019
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Project Management Plans

Project Name: Management of the project for development of irrigation and drainage sub-networks in the Karun, Dez and Karkheh basins covering 550,000 hectares of lands in Khuzestan and Ilam provinces Specifications: Creating jobs and short and long term economic prosperity in the in deprived areas; Geodesy of agricultural lands; Increased GDP and reduced imports and subsequent export of products; Proper management of water and underground resources; Planning, controlling and managing agricultural products; Prosperity of affiliated industries; Creation of a population nucleus in the region; Combating desertification and soil stabilization and so on. [ More... ]
Project Name: Project management services in the master project on irrigation and drainage sub-networks of rivers in Ilam Province Specifications: Economic growth and prosperity of the agricultural sector and related sectors in the border regions of Iran Population concentration and growth in these areas through economic prosperity Reducing the susceptibility of national economy to foreign political challenges with endogenous economic growth in the agricultural sector of these areas [ More... ]
Water resources management in Zanjan Province Economic growth and prosperity of the Zanjan province drinking and industrial sectors Strengthening resistive economy criteria [ More... ]