Friday Nov 22, 2019
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Water and Wastewater and Urban Projects

Supply of drinking water and industrial needs of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari towns and villages. [ More... ]
Supply and transfer of agriculture water from Aras dam to the lands downstream of Karamabad Dam with an approximate area of 22,000 hectares Intake, pumping and transmission capacity in the main path: 5.5 cubic meters per second Specifications of pumping stations in the main route: Three pumping stations with an elevation of 25, 130 and 130 m, respectively Specifications of the main transmission line: 21 km long steel pipe with a diameter of 2000 mm diameter and an operating pressure of 16 bar [ More... ]
Project Name: Revision of the water distribution network and related facilities in Region 1 Water and Wastewater Authority of Tehran Specifications: Modeling the current status of water supply to the region, determining and troubleshooting existing network weaknesses, survey of population growth and urban development, designing a suitable water distribution network for the end of the project period, DMA studies in the scope of the plan [ More... ]
Supply of drinking water for Toyserkan Delivery capacity: 7 million cubic meters per year Design capacity of water treatment plant: 320 liters per second (in two modules) [ More... ]