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Water and Wastewater and Urban Projects

Project name: Revision of the water distribution network and related facilities in Region 1 Water and Wastewater Authority of Tehran [ More... ]
Project name: 1st and 2nd Phase Studies of the Current Drinking Water Distribution Network of Shahr-e-Rey Area [ More... ]
Project name: Water Transmission from The Aras River to Lake Urmia in the West Azerbaijan Area [ More... ]
Project name: Tuyserkan Water Treatment Plant BOT (Build–Operate–Transfer) Project [ More... ]
Project name: Studies of the Drinking and Industrial Water Supply for the Cities and Villages along the Southern Course of the Zayanderud river [ More... ]
Project name: Supervision services for water and wastewater industry projects and other required contexts of Tehran City [ More... ]
Project name: Opportunities and Threats in the Water Market and Local Tourism with Particular Attention to Preserving Water Quality at Vadan Dam [ More... ]
Population of Cities: 9821 Persons Population of Villages: 54075 Persons Water Transmission Capacity: 167 L/S Water Transmission Treatment Plant Capacity: 167 L/S Pump House Number (1) Capacity: 167 L/S Pump House Number (2) Capacity: 137 L/S Length of Transmission Lines: 36200 m Diameter of Transmission Lines: 200-400 mm Equilibrium Tanks Volume: 8000 m3 [ More... ]
Water Transmission System from the ​Oman sea to the industries of Isfahan province [ More... ]