Saturday May 25, 2019
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Dam and Power Plant Projects

Utilization of some part of Iran’s water rights from the reservoir of Aras Dam and development of lands on the southern margin of Aras through excess water pumped inside the reservoir of Karamabad Dam and provision of agricultural water for 10260 hectares of downstream land. [ More... ]
Regulation of Zola River water for irrigation of some part of Salmas plain and Qarabagh (85.3 million cubic meters) and supplying drinking water to Salmas and Tazehshahr up to 12 million cubic meters and power generation up to 1.2 MW. [ More... ]
Identification and investigation of damages to the dams and the related facilities, presenting some strategies to provide appropriate treatment projects and instructions to improve the operation of dams, and preparing a database in the GIS environment for all dams in the subject of contract [ More... ]
Considering the presence of Karun 3 and Karun 4 dams upstream of Shahid Abbaspour Dam and the positive effect of these dams on flood control and improved regulation of inflow to Shahid Abbaspour Dam and enough time for preventive measures on reducing the reservoir level, it is not necessary to reach a free height of 9.5 m. Therefore, an increase in the level of operation of Shahid Abbaspour Dam was taken into consideration by the client to change regulating volume and hydroelectric power generation [ More... ]
Conceptual, basic and detailed design studies on collection and managements of runoffs and improvement of minor drainage system, as well as repair projects for main channels and ultimately preparation of the GIS database [ More... ]