Sunday Feb 25, 2024
Studies and Design of the Khavaran Common Utility Tunnel
Project name: Studies and Design of the Khavaran Common Utility Tunnel

Tabriz Region 9 Municipality

  • Studying the feasibility of constructing a common utility tunnel for Tabriz;
  • Investigating the technical and executive potentials;
  • Transfer and organization of utility infrastructure (including water, power, natural gas, and telecommunication facilities) as a safety measure and to extend and the service life of the facilities, facilitating their operation, maintenance, and development across the area, as well as reducing excavations and environmental impacts and facilitating optimal management under crises. 

1st and 2nd Phase Studies

Executive Actions
  • The study region: Tabriz Municipal Region 9
  • Study region area: Approximately 1.8 sq. km
  • Total length of passages in the area: 30 km
  • Length of the common utility tunnel in the area: Approximately 10 km
  • Average tunnel dimensions: 200 × 230 sq. cm;
  • Facilities housed in the tunnel: Drinking water distribution network, low- and medium-voltage power distribution network, and telecommunication facilities, as well as additional space for future integration of high-voltage power lines;
  • This study, dedicated to first and second-phase phases of constructing common utility tunnels, is the first of its kind in Iran and the town is the first area for which a common utility tunnel infrastructure was planned before constructing the residential blocks and loading; 
Geography Location

Tabriz Municipal Region 9, Tabriz Province, Iran