Tuesday Jun 18, 2024
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Message of CEO

As Managing Director of Zistab Consulting Engineers, I am proud to state that Zistab Consulting Engineers, not only as a company in the field of engineering in Iran but as a family, has been able to complete several civil projects in Iran with the great effort of all the personnel taking into account its long-term goals. None of this would have been possible without observing the following policies and principles by Zistab Consulting Engineers Co.:
  • Quality and on-time services
  • Incentives for employees through training, promoting teamwork, and creating an intimate work environment
  • Provision of superior technical capabilities and increasing specialized knowledge at all levels
  • Focus on stakeholders' needs and demands and continuous improvement of service quality
The above items, all I have achieved and what is referred to as Zistab Family today are owing to the efforts and thought of Mr. Mohammad Mahdi Hadjzavarr, a great man, though not among us now, yet his memory and guides will stay with us at any moment. We hope to take the path he drew with the slogan of "Effort to improve the level of effectiveness and quality of services with more creativity and innovation".
Mehrdad Hadjzavar