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Irrigation and Drainage Network Projects

Project name: Development of Water and Soil Resources along the Southern Course of the Aras river (Irrigation and Drainage Main Network of Karamabad Project) [ More... ]
Project name: Establishing and Supervising the Water and Agriculture Management System for 2, 3, 4, and 5 Sec. No. of Karamabad Project (Irrigation and Drainage Subnetwork of Karamabad Project) [ More... ]
Project name: Restoration and Development of Bardeh Farmlands [ More... ]
Project name: First and Second Phase Studies of the Construction of the Gorgak Storage Dam and its Downstream Irrigation and Drainage Network [ More... ]
Project name: Aydughmush Irrigation and Drainage Network (Akramabad, Dashkasan, Achachi Units) [ More... ]
Project name: Revision Studies of the Shibloo Pumping Station, Water Transmission Network and Pipeline [ More... ]
Project name: Restoration of National Lands in the Zeydoon Plain Area [ More... ]
Project name: Studies on the Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in Aras Basin in Azerbaijan Province Area [ More... ]
Project name: Revision and Detailed Studies of the Irrigation and Drainage Network Plan for the Lands along the Southern Course of The Zayandehrud [ More... ]
Implementation of fish farming ponds with 76 farms, 4 tanks each with dimensions of 180 m x 63 m on a level of 9 hectares with a tonnage of 1500 tons Implementation of operation building and guest house with an area of 540 square meters Implementation of a worker housing unit with an area of 156 square meters Implementation of access road and landscaping Implementation of secondary sedimentation structure Mechanical implementation of breeding ponds [ More... ]