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Dam and Power Plant Department

Zistab Consulting Engineers Company is qualified by Iran’s Planning and Budget Organization as Grade ‘A’ and ‘B’ for dam construction. Specialized departmet of dam and power plant construction in the company consists of two distinct sub-divisions of studies and supervision.

The Division of Studies is responsible for potential studies, recognition, 1st and 2nd Phases of dam and power plant construction studies, river engineering and storm water management studies. The Department consists of specialized groups, namely, basic and water resources studies, geology, geotechnics, seismicity, hydraulic structures, storm and underground waters, hydromechanics, instrumentation and economic studies.

Zola, Qayghaj, Feshel, Varzaghan, Aras 2, Karamabad, Siarlar, Gorgak, Sarabdook and Qayeshghorshagh reservoir dams, Zola hydroelectric power plant, Safety Assessment of dams in Khuzestan Province, the studies of the increase of the operation level of Shaheed Abbaspour Dam, studies of resources and consumption of Lake Urmia basin in the Kani-Sib tunnel outlet, Studies of the implementation of Tehran stormwater management master plan and minor drainage system improvement in Regions 1, 11 and 14 of Tehran Municipality, feasibility studies on hydroelectric power generation of Haraz River and related branches, studies on the use of unconventional waters in Golestan province as well as studies on artificial feeding of Makoo Keshmesh Tappeh, Khoy and Sharbian plains and studies of Shahdeleh and Ghalachogheh dams in Kurdistan region of Iraq are among the studies conducted in this department.

Supervision over construction of Karamabad reservoir dam, Aras 2 reservoir dam, Qayghaj reservoir dam and Zola reservoir dam and appurtenant structures are among the executive and supervisory projects of this department.

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