Tuesday Jun 18, 2024
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Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management is a smart, slow and continuous action with a significant impact on the organizational goals which ultimately leads to customer satisfaction, increased efficiency, and increased ability to compete in the market. The aim of the TQM system is to reach the ideal human. In such an organization, mutual respect and trust are institutional and inclusive and the self-leading trained individuals are organizational executives.
Total quality management can be defined as participation of all individuals and components of the organization in continuous improvement and progress through teamwork. In terms of internal organizational issues, total quality organizations are described based on their emphasis on teamwork and appropriate management practices. Further, development of quality in such organizations is considered as part of the work process.
Zistab Consulting Engineers Co. implements the total quality management system to increase stakeholder satisfaction, efficiency and the ability to compete in the market and to improve water engineering consulting services. To monitor accurate implementation of TQM, a committee entitled "Total Quality Committee" composed of representatives of strategic sections, representative of managing director, representatives of CMO, TMO, FMO, PMO, AMO and HRM offices and representative of the Development and Excellence Committee has been established in the company.