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Research and Education


Education Courses:

  •      Professional webinars by International Water Association IWA – Iran, in the first comprehensive skills development event.  february/march 2022. Includes two courses:

        o   Stability analysis of water and sewage systems

        o   Economic evaluation and effectiveness of plans and projects

  •      Professional webinars in Capacity building and empowerment for Tehran Province Water & Wastewater company. October 2021. Includes three courses:

               o   Prioritize development plans for Tehran Province water and wastewater                                 company

               o   Water supply in critical situations and stability analysis of water and                                     wastewater systems’ management

        o   Economic evaluation and plans and projects water and wastewater                                      systems’ effectiveness 

  •         Workshop "Economic value of water in environmental, agricultural and industrial uses; background of water market formation (Case study of Urmia Lake catchment area). The First International Congress and the Fourth National Congress of Irrigation and Drainage of Iran. November 2019.
  •          Training course "Risk management in projects". 2018.
  •      Training course " Equal general conditions for consulting services contracts". 2018.
  •      Training course "Knowledge Management". 2017.
  •          Training course "Introduction to Human Communication". 2017.
  •      Training course "PMBOK based project management training". 2017.
  •          Training course "Level Two of Value Engineering Training (Internal Training)". 2017.
  •          Training course "Level One of Value Engineering Training (Internal Training)". 2016.
  •      Training course "Internal GIS training". 2014.
  •      Training course "Excel Software". 2013.
  •          Training course "Educational site visit to Bijar Reservoir Dam". 2013.
 Published books:

  •         “Why should I cave water?”. Jen Green. Publication of Farhang Saba. 2019. (translated)
  •         “Ways to save money on dams projects”. Bulletin 144 of the International Commission on Large Dams ICOLD, ICOLD International Commission on Large Dams, Publications of the National Committee of the Greater Iran Dams, Ministry of Energy. 2017. (translated)
  •        "Water Resources Engineering". Larry W. Desk. Education Growth Publications. 2011. (translated)
Papers presented at national and international conferences and symposia:


  •  Financial effects of tourism projects around water bodies (Case study of Mahabad Dam). Hossein Talachi Langroudi. Third Water Economics Conference. May 2021.
  •         "Water; day zero!". Reza Esmaili. Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers Quarterly. Issue 93. October 2021.
  •        "The Future of Consulting Engineers". Farnaz Hajzavar, Reza Esmaili, Abuzar Davoudi. Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers Quarterly. July 2020.
  •           "The importance of project elements in flood management". Mehrdad Hajzavar. Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers Quarterly. May 2019.
  •      "The Stress Path of Consulting Engineers". Mehrdad Hajzavar. Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers Quarterly. May 2018.
  •            "Safety and performance evaluation of 7 reservoir dams in Khuzestan province (Karkheh Reservoir Dams, Masjed Soleiman, Maroon, Jarreh, Shahid Abbaspour, Dez and Karun 3)”. Reza Esmaili, Seyed Mehdi Hosseini Tehrani, Yaqub Arab. The fifth conference and exhibition of Iran Dam and Tunnel (DATEX 2018), Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Center. October 2018.
  •      "Performance and safety assessment of seven storage dams in khuzestan provin, Iran". Reza Esmaili, Seyed Mehdi Hosseini Tehrani, Morteza Raiti, Yaqub Arab. Fourth International Conference (LTBD 2017), Broadcasting International Conference Center. October 2017
  •            "Simulation of surface water collection systems’ performance with the sensitivity analysis approach of hydrological models (Case study: District 14 of Tehran). Abbas Roozbehani, Reza Esmaili. Ninth National Congress of Civil Engineering, Mashhad Ferdowsi University. May 2016.
  •           “Methodology of paying the status of the situation with fines and rewards”. Abuzar Davoudi, Farzbod. Twelfth International Conference on Project Management, Razi International Conference Center. 2016.
  •      "Planning water and soil resource development projects with a value engineering approach (Case study: Gargak river in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province). Abbas Roozbehani, Vliallah Zoghi. Second National Conference on Water Crisis, Shahrekord University. September 2014.
  •            "Modeling the effects of surface water development projects on groundwater resources with an integrated exploitation approach of surface and groundwater resources (Case study: Gargak plain)”. Abbas Roozbehani, Mehdi Riahipour, Nahid Memarzadeh. Fifth Iranian Water Resources Management Conference, Iranian Association of Water Resources Science and Engineering, Shahid Beheshti University. February 2014.
  •       "Using a support system in decision making to manage and improve infrastructure (Case study: Joint tunnel of urban facilities)”. )”. Abbas Roozbehani , Ali Ebrahimian. Proceedings of the First National Conference on Infrastructure Engineering and Management, Campus of Technical Faculties, University of Tehran. November 2009.
  •       “Multi objective management of river basins with application of fuzzy compromise programming method”.   Abbas Roozbehani, Mehrdad Hajzavar, Sajjad Barshandeh. International Symposium on Dam and Sustainable Water Resources Development, Vietnam. 2009.
  •     “Integrated long-term and short-term planning of reservoir dam water resources taking into account drought conditions (Case study: Bad Gargak Dam)”. Abbas Roozbehani. Conference on drought in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province and ways to deal with it. Shahrekord University. November 2008.
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