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Irrigation and Drainage Network Department

Zistab Consulting Engineers Co. is ranked 1 and 2 in the field of irrigation and drainage. Irrigation and drainage network department consists of two separate subsections, studies and supervision.
Department of studies is responsible for feasibility studies, recognition and phase I, and phase II irrigation and drainage plans. This department consists of specialized sub-divisions of agricultural, social, economic, soil science, irrigation, drainage and water structures studies.
Irrigation and drainage networks of Aras 1 (2000 hectares), Karamabad (22300 hectares), Araz 3 (1750 hectares), Baneh (21000 hectares), Aidoghmoush (7500 hectares), Zayandehrud lands (Bon) (12500 hectares), Ghayghaj (2,600 hectares), Fashal (2,900 hectares), Shiblou (2,960 hectares), Yaroghly (2,400 hectares), Ghezeladagh (2000 hectares), Gharnegho (1000 hectares), Gorgak (2,760 hectares), Bardeh (2000 hectares), Bidkan (2000 hectares), Salehabad (2760 hectares), Zidon (2000 hectares), Gholi Beiglou (700 hectares), and Baba Ahmad (600 hectares) are among the studies conducted in this department.
Supervision department is responsible for all superior and workshop supervision services and irrigation and drainage networks construction and operation. This department consists of sub-divisions for surveying, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical executive affairs, contracting and settlement, metering, and project management and control.
Supervision on construction and operation of the irrigation and drainage network of Karamabad and Aidoghmoush drainage and irrigation network in different construction units, Salehabad network, Qayghaj network, Yaroghli network, and Araz 3 network are among the executive projects in this department.
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