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Vision and Missions


Playing a long lasting role in the field of water and wastewater industry and laying the foundations for sustainable development


Activities in the field of water and wastewater engineering at the national and international level in terms of quality and based on the most reliable engineering standards

Quality Policy

Zistab Consulting Engineers, a pioneer in the provision of water engineering consulting services, is determined to establish a quality management system that conforms to the standard and continuous improvement, in order to improve the quality of services more and more.

In order to fulfill the mission and achieve the vision, this company acts on the basis of the following principles in all its activities:

  • Service delivery time: Timely performance of services according to the requirements of the beneficiaries
  • Learning and motivation of human resources: Motivating people by promoting teamwork, training, using organizational knowledge and creating a friendly work environment.
  • Organizing and promoting technical and specialized knowledge: Creating superior technical capabilities and improving technical and specialized knowledge at all levels and creating diversity in the services provided
  • Focus on the customer: Focusing on the requirements and demands of customers and increasing the level of satisfaction of the beneficiaries
  • Improving the level of participation of human resources: Providing space for maximum participation of human resources
  • Continuous improvement: Improving and improving the quality of the organization's performance

In order to achieve the highest level of effectiveness in terms of the quality of services provided according to the company’s rules, company management, while declaring its commitment and adherence to the legal requirements, other applicable requirements, the principles of the quality management system and determining the appropriate framework to achieve the quality goals, from all employees By participating in the continuous improvement of all activities, they will show their commitment to improving quality and collective progress.






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