Saturday Jul 2, 2022
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Goals and Missions

Zistab Consulting Engineers Co., a leading company in improvement of water engineering consulting services, is determined to establish a quality management system in accordance with ISO9001:2015 and continuous improvement in all activities based on the following principles aiming to increase the quality of services:

  • Service time: Timely delivery of services in accordance with the clients’ requirements
  • Employee learning and motivation: Employee motivation by promoting teamwork, training and creating an intimate work environment
  • Organization and promotion of technical expertise: Creation of superior technical capabilities and promotion of technical and specialized knowledge at all levels
  • Focus on customer: Focus on requirements and demands of clients and continuous improvement of service quality

To achieve the highest effectiveness in the field of service quality, while announcing its commitment and adherence to the principles of quality management system, the managing director asks all the staff to demonstrate their commitment to quality promotion and collective progress through correct implementation of methods and instructions in the first step and participation in continuous improvement of all activities in the next step.

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