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First and Second Phase Studies of the Construction of the Gorgak Storage Dam ...
Project name: First and Second Phase Studies of the Construction of the Gorgak Storage Dam and its Downstream Irrigation and Drainage Network

Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Regional Water Company 

  • Storing the surplus of the Gorgak River during the wet season to meet agricultural water demands during the dry season;
  • Developing orchards and transition from rain-fed to irrigated agriculture in the farmlands;
  • Developing farmlands and constructing an irrigation and drainage network at the downstream;
  • Improving farmlands fed by old canals;

1st and 2nd Phase Studies       

Executive Actions
  • Type of the dam: Embankment dam with a clay core
  • Engineering specifications: Height from foundation: 85 m; length of crest: 403 m; open-channel, broad-crested spillway with a capacity of 5.3 cu.m/s on the left side of the reservoir;
  • Catchment basin area: 7 sq. km
  • Average annual flow: 7 million cu. m from the Darreh Sir basin, 15.2 million cu. m from the Asadabad basin, and 0.7 million cu. m from the Darreh Bad basin.
  • Method of irrigation in farms: Semi-portable sprinkler irrigation system; Method of irrigation in orchards: Drip irrigation
  • Area under drip irrigation: 550 hectares (gross)
  • Area under sprinkler irrigation: 2210 hectares (gross)
  • The length of the main line of the distribution network in four construction units; 21 km
  • Type of the main pipeline: GRP and PE; Main pipeline diameter: 200–1400 mm
  • Length of the transmission line: 5340 m; Transmission line diameter: 1400 mm
Geography Location

15 km East of Shahr-e-Kord, Iran