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Studies on the Construction of the Zola ...
Project name: Studies on the Construction of the Zola Storage Dam and its Appurtenant Facilities

West Azerbaijan Regional Water Company

  • Regulating the Zola River for the irrigation of parts of Salmas–Ghareghagh Plain (85.3 million cu. m) 
  • Supplying the drinking water demands of Salmas and Tazehshahr (12 million cu. m)
  • Power production (1.2 MW)

1st and 2nd Phase Studies and supervision (3rd Phase)

Executive Actions
  • Average annual flow of the river: 151.3 million cu. m; 
  • Embankment dam with a clay core and a 323 m long crest, rising to a height of 87 m from foundation and 56 meters from the bed;  
  • 40 m wide open-channel spillway with an ogee control section on the right support and a maximum capacity of 925 cu. m/s;  
  • Intake system composed of three 3 × 3 sq. ms gates, four butterfly valves (1500 mm, 1400 mm (×2), and 700 mm), and three Howell Bunger valves (1200 mm (×2), and 600 mm); 
  • Bottom outlet including a 1.5 × 1.2 sq. m service gate and a 1.6 × 1.2 sq. m emergency gate with a total capacity of 50 cu. m/s; 
  • 3 × 3 sq. m, slanted (60% slope) concrete intake tower with three intake levels; 
  • 6-km-long reservoir with a maximum width of 1000 m, spreading over 303 hectares at normal elevation; 
  • Normal elevation: 1510 m above sea level; reservoir capacity at the normal elevation: 72 million cu. m;
  • Cost of implementation: 650 billion IRR equivalent to 650 million USD (2001–2015);
Geography Location

Salmas City, West Azerbaijan, Iran