Sunday Feb 25, 2024
Harjab Construction Dam Studies
Project name: Harjab Construction Dam Studies
In Progress

Alborz Regional Water Company 

  • Construction of  storage dam out of the riverbed in order to supply needed drinking water for the new town of Hashtgerd from excess water of Kordan river basin
  • Supply water to feed Hashtgerd Plain’s underground water
  • Optimal use of output wastewater of the wastewater treatment plant of the new town of Hashtgerd for artificial feeding of the aquifers and supply of agricultural water shortages

1st Phase Studies 

Executive Actions
  • Storage dam and the related facilities of the drinking water transmission line
  • Wastewater transmission lines to Hashtgerd Plain’s Artificial Feeding Locations
  • Water and refined wastewater pumping stations
  • Access roads to the related facilities
Geography Location

Hashtgerd, Alborz Province, Iran