Sunday Feb 25, 2024
Performance and Safety Assessment of Seven Storage Dams in Khuzestan Province, Iran ...
Project name: Performance and Safety Assessment of Seven Storage Dams (Karkheh, Maroon, Masjid Soleiman, Jarreh, Shahid Abbaspour, Karun III, and Dez Dams) in Khuzestan Province, Iran

Khuzestan Water and Power Company

  • Identifying and investigating damages incurred in dams and their appurtenant facilities and producing solutions to repair them, treatment plans, and convenient operation manuals to improve the performance and operation of dams;  
  • Preparing a GIS database for the dams subject to the contract;

case studies

Executive Actions
  • Identification and investigation of damages found in dams and appurtenant facilities.
  • Identification of cause(s) of damage to predict and prevent factors leading to exacerbation of damage. It also serves to find appropriate and effective solutions to repairing and rehabilitating of the damage.
  • Overall examination of rehabilitation plans for damages or describing services for more in-depth investigation of damages and proposing comprehensive plans for rehabilitation of damages.
  • Providing appropriate solutions and procedures for improving performance and safety of dams.
  • Realizing timely essential measures to prevent or minimize any possible damages to downstream buildings and facilities surrounding the dams.
  • Compiling a GIS database where information about dams and associated facilities are accessible and new data can be added or removed. 
  • Examining the quantity and quality of manpower in exploitation of storage dams and providing the employer with necessary advice in those areas.
Geography Location

Khuzestan Province, Iran